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Connecting Business,
Building Community

The PDA and Chamber have been supporting business and building community together for 94 years. Building on the perspectives from the past, values of today and imagination for tomorrow, the PDA and Chamber are rolling out a new brand called Imagine Thomasville. Branded with a quail feather and flying covey, Imagine Thomasville represents the original economic driver of the region and the mission to continue connecting business and building community.

Better Life

The Story of a Town That is “A Place Apart”

Find out why choosing Thomasville increases families’ quality of life.

Great Workforce

The Bayly Inc. Story

Faced with a thinning workforce, one company relocates to Thomasville and finds over 400 qualified applicants.


Business Thrives in a Friendly Environment

Leadership creates the foundation for success, with business-friendly policies in a family-friendly community.

Why Thomasville?

From our quality of life to our history, culture, workforce and incredible community, Thomasville is truly a place apart.

Living and Working
in Thomasville

Leading business owners share why they chose Thomasville for their companies… from a dynamic workforce to a great community.