Talent & Workforce

Thomasville wouldn’t be home to the progressive business culture it’s known for today if it weren’t for our resolute workforce. There’s no denying that our southern lifestyle inspires a work ethic rooted in hard work and taking pride in a job well done. We find that our workers are inspired to achieve a certain level of work-life balance which breeds a spirit of collaboration and ingenuity in one’s craft. Thanks in part to an attractive lifestyle and our beautiful surroundings, our community attracts qualified talent from across the country and remains an easy hometown choice for long-term residents and students.

In collaboration with top-notch educational partners, and local and state-wide workforce initiatives, we’re able to train, support, and retain the individuals who make up our most valuable economic resource.

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  • Census Quick Facts
    • Population: 18,558
    • Average Home Value: $190,400
    • Average Age: 36.2
    • Average Household Income: $76,984
    • Per Capita Income: $33,578
    • Cost of Living Index: 82.0 (low, U.S. average is 100)
  • Labor Force
    • Regional Workforce – 550,000 Strong (within a 40 mile radius)
  • Education
    • Enrollment SRTC – 5,070 (2023)
    • High School Graduate or Higher – 86.8%
    • 5 Elementary Schools, 2 Middle Schools, 3 High Schools plus 1 Charter School (Grades 8-12) & 1 Private School (Pre-K-12)
    • High School Graduation Rate – Graduation Rate 94.7%

Data Source: United States Census Bureau