Leading Employers

Thomas County has a diverse manufacturing base of industrial firms including food processing, boiler equipment, furniture, plastics, agri business, technology based business and much more. Here are some of the leading industries in Thomasville and Thomas County.


"Georgia plays a big role in U.S. industrial production, and, naturally, we want to be close to our key customers. Thomasville offers a great pool of skilled and experienced workers for boiler and burner industries. We have several clients in the paper and pulp industry, as well as our main equipment manufacturing partners all based in Georgia.

"This plant will supply North and South America. This town offers a lot of knowledge. ... People in other towns have no appreciation for the boiler industry as Thomas County does. I have been excited from the first moment I came here, we have been very welcomed here and the cooperation of Thomasville City has been smooth from the first email I sent to Georgia."

Johan Tallberg

Head of North American Branch, Oilon
Pictured on left with a client

Blue Bell ice Cream
FPL Foods, LLC
Hurst Boilers
Flowers Bakeries
Flowers Food
Cleaver Brooks
Blackberry Patch
American Signature Furniture
Oil Dri
Sweetgrass Dairy
TECT Aerospace
Senior life
Cives Steel Company
Thomas University
Thomasville City Schools
Thomas County Schools
City of Thomasville
Thomas County Board of Commissioners

Thomasville Thomas County Largest Employers

2,500 Archbold Medical Center
814 Thomas County School System
450 Thomasville City School System
435 City of Thomasville
353 *Hurst Boiler and Welding Company
350 Walmart Meat Processing
323 *Flowers Food Corporate Office
321 Oil Dri Corporation of Georgia
304 Thomas County Government
300 FPL Foods
267 *Cleaver Brooks
250 Woodhaven Industries
250 Flowers Baking Company
230 Check Mate Industries
214 Evoqua
208 Thomas University
200 Ambassador
175 WhitCraft
65 American Signature Furniture
60 *Ag Pro

*Corporate Headquarters